• P/NP and Game Theory

    In light of the recent changes of UC Berkeley’s grading scheme to P/NP, it’s quite interesting to examine the problem of grading through a Game Theoretic perspective. Lots of students have proposed that the change to an online format encourages cheating, and that the curves for this semester will change drastically as a result. In this essay, I hope to explore this claim and test its validity.

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  • Random Fact #4

    Today’s Fact: Foot On Water

    Andi came up with an insane question: How wide does a human foot have to be for a human to stand on water? Of course, he came up with something insane, reproduced here.

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  • Random Fact #3

    Today’s Fact: Linear Discriminant Analysis

    Linear Discriminant Analysis, or LDA for short, is an ML model used in classification. Specifically, for a model of d features and n training points, it assumes that the d features are all distributed Normally (Gaussian), with the same variance. More formally, taken from my professor’s cs189 notes, we get:

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  • Random Fact #2

    Today’s Fact: Temperature, Defined Statistically


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  • Random Fact #1

    Today’s Fact: Market for Lemons

    Fact 1 Source: Stat 155 Textbook, Game Theory by Anna R. Karlin and Yuval Peres

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