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I am currently a student at UC Berkeley studying Computer Science, Statistics, and Applied Mathematics. My interests are in the broad areas of probability and statistics, computer security and distributed systems, and financial markets.

This semester, I am a Head Undergraduate Student Instructor for CS61A, Berkeley’s introductory computer science class. Check out my notes!

I am also involved with my friend’s startup, The Hype Advisor. Read about it more in my blog.

Over Summer 2020, I interned at Amazon Pay, working on a system to better understand the behavior of web requests hitting the routing layer, both for performance and for debugging reasons.

Over Summer and Fall 2019, I interned at Netskope on their Data/Infra team, scaling out their data pipelines. Read about my experience.

In the past, I was a consultant in Valley Consulting Group, where I consulted for Asana and VSCO.

Any questions? Feel free to schedule a meeting or shoot me an email at addcninblue at <institution>.edu