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Currently a software engineer at Optiver. If you would like a referral link, feel free to use mine.

I’m always looking to meet interesting people! If you’re in Chicago, let’s get food! :D

I recently graduated from Berkeley in the Spring of 2022, where I finished a triple major in Computer Science, Statistics, and Applied Mathematics. My interests are in the broad areas of probability, distributed systems, and financial markets.

At Berkeley, I was an Undergraduate Student Instructor for CS61A, Berkeley’s introductory computer science class. I also created and taught a new decal, The Missing Semester of Your CS Education.

Over Summer 2021, I interned at Optiver. I worked on the Data Engineering team, where I built out data visualizations for the market.

Over Winter 2020 through Summer 2021, I interned at Gridware, building out software to ingest and aggregate data coming in from devices.

Over Spring 2020 through Winter 2021, I was involved with my friend’s startup, The Hype Advisor, which we ultimately sunsetted. Read about it more in my blog.

Over Summer 2020, I interned at Amazon. There, I built a monitoring solution for their internal traffic routing logic.

Over Summer and Fall 2019, I interned at Netskope on their Data/Infra team, scaling out their data pipelines. Read about my experience.

Over Fall 2018 and Spring 2019, I was a consultant in Valley Consulting Group, where I consulted for Asana and VSCO.

Any questions? Feel free to shoot me an email at addcninblue at <institution>.edu