Reselling allows us to make more money than we could have ever imagined. With our knowledge navigating the streetwear market, we accurately predict and obtain the items that are going to appreciate. We want to bring our experience to you. We know that getting into reselling is very difficult, and the steep learning curve has driven many people away. Therefore, we want to offer a service that does it for you. Introducing The Hype Fund by The Hype Advisor.

In the world of hype clothing, there is major potential for investing. Shoe prices skyrocket with trends and hype. Combined with insane hype, these shoes’ prices can swing wildly, sometimes up to 3x the original price.

The Idea

The cofounders of The Hype Advisor are avid traders on the shoe market, and they’ve generated past returns of 15%.

In the near future, I will be codeveloping an ML model to help trade shoes and help predict prices to give an algorithmic suggestion to trading prices.

The ML model is to be announced, and we expect the first version to be completed within six months. It will be able to compare any sneaker with past collaborations, past selling prices, stock numbers, and other vital quantitative and qualitative measures necessary to deem the viability of any sneaker investment.

The cofounders have also started a podcast (linked above) – check it out for the most recent news on sneakers and streetwear! (Check out Podcast 3 to learn about Supreme x Oreo!)