(and podcasts I listen to)

I often find myself sharing this (very) short list of media I love, so here’s a compiled list. It’s ranked in rough order of how valuable I’ve found the content. Hopefully it helps someone!

On Software And Adjacent Industries

  • Paul Graham: From the founder of YCombinator, a solid collection of essays on startups and life.
  • Dan Luu: A very-well written set of essays on startups, curious explorations into the world of computers, and learning.
  • Thinking Elixir: An Elixir podcast that talks about Elixir’s most recent developments.

On Finance

  • Money Stuff: Written by a former financial engineer at Goldman, a daily blog on the latest in how “everything is securities fraud.”
  • Bad Bets: A new podcast by WSJ on “big-business dramas that have had a big impact on our world.” It seems particularly relevant especially considering the recent frothiness of the markets.
  • FT News Briefing: A daily (~10 min) podcast by FT highlighting daily news.
  • The Journal: A daily podcast by WSJ diving into relevant recent news, mainly focused on “money, business and power.”

One-off Blogs

(These are ordered arbitrarily.)