Hello! This is a talk I gave at EE375, an introduction to teaching techniques class required at UC Berkeley for first-time TAs. The content is largely based on James Hoffman’s techniques, with inspiration from other famous figures. Since the talk was limited to 3 minutes, I skipped a lot of (quite lengthy) discussions, including coffee grind sizes, water ratios, and water temperature. If you have any questions about the material, feel free to email me!

Main Lecture

0:00 ~ 0:45

  • Brief discussion of water ratio: 16.66 grams of water per gram of coffee
    • Practical terms: 250g/15g for one person, 500g/30g for two people
  • Brief discussion of grind size:
    • Medium Fine (example shown in class)
  • Brief discussion of pouring method, assuming 250g/15g:
    • 0:00 ~ 0:40 (45g): Bloom phase. This phase allows us to release CO2 from the coffee to allow for better extraction.
    • 0:40 ~ 1:15 (150g): First pour. This phase is where we get most of our flavor from the coffee. We pour in a circular fashion to get the ground equally extracted.
    • 1:15 ~ 1:45 (250g): Second pour. This phase is to allow for final extraction of the flavor. We pour in a straight fashion to keep the bed of water at a constant temperature, for even extraction.

0:45 ~ 3:00

Additional Content

  • Coffee dialing chart1 Coffee


  1. I do not own this material. This is a common coffee chart used by many coffee drinkers.